Be Mobile-ready

If you’re not concerned about being mobile-ready, you may want to reconsider.

In 2014 it finally happened. There were more mobile internet accesses than desktop, and in 2015 the trend is expected to accelerate.

mobiletrendsAll Lawson Web Works websites are fully responsive. That means they automatically adapt to any screens size, making the site big and beautiful on large screens and compact and functional on small ones.

Just recently, Google announced that responsiveness will be part of website ranking. In other words, sites that are mobile-ready are more likely to appear first on Google searches.

How do I Know if I’m Mobile-ready?

The test is easy. Reduce the width of your browser window until it is roughly the width of a mobile phone, or access the same site from a mobile device. The site should automatically reformat the text, media, and menus to account for the smaller screen size. If information shifts down, that’s OK, but if information is out of view to the side, the site is not mobile-ready. Try this test on any page in the Lawson Web Works site or on any of the sites in my portfolio.


Will a Mobile Site Work on Desktops?

No. A website built specifically for mobile devices wastes a huge amount of space and may rely on features such as swiping that usually don’t exist on desktops.

When Comparing Web Design Companies…

If you check nothing else, be sure to test that their website and the sites they build are all fully response. Many companies are now claiming to build fully responsive sites, but often their own site and most of their portfolio is not responsive! Make sure you only work with companies that deliver what they claim. Don’t let a company try to tell you that a website is fully responsive when it clearly is not. Just because a site moves items around a bit or can handle large and medium-sided screen, does not make it responsive!

What Should I Look for in a Website?

A truly fully responsive website will be big, beautiful, and fill the screen even on a wide monitor; and will be clear, readable, and functional when on a smart phone. Anything else is not worth you money. Let us build you a fully responsive website!

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